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 Small or Miniature Jersey COWS FOR SALE

If you are interested in buying an A2/A2 Small Jersey Cows or Miniature Jersey Cattle that is listed for sale or would like to be on our email contact list, please contact us at (660)-627-0273 or  We welcome questions and visits to our farm anytime.  Come and judge for yourself the kind of Small (Mid-sized) and Miniature Jerseys we raise, or view the pictures of our Mini & Small (Mid-sized) Jerseys for sale below along with the rest of this website.  Information regarding deposits and payment is at the bottom of the page. We have compiled a list of questions that might be helpful for a potential buyer to ask a seller before purchasing a Small or Mini Jersey cow on our information page.
Jewell's Lucky Charm - Sale Pending
A2/A2 Mid-sized Jersey
Born 25 July 2014  - Expected abt 45" tall.
Registration: MJHB
K&K Sunrise X Just My Luck
  Jersey Cow Picture

K&K Action Golden Sunrise - SOLD
A2/A2 Mid-sized Jersey
Born 31 May 2011  -  48" tall.
Registration: AJCA & MJHB
Milks 4 gallons a day
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Jersey Cow Picture

K&K Zues Hawthorn Blossom - SOLD 2014
A2/A2 Mid-sized Jersey
Born  4 Jun 2011 - 48" tall.
Registration: AJCA & MJHB
Milks 4 gallons a day


Jersey Calf Picture

Jewell's Hercules Acting Champion SOLD
A2/A2 Mid-sized Jersey Steer
Born  May 2013 - Expected Height of 44"
Sunrise X Hercules
Not Registered


Mini Jersey Cow

Jersey Knoll Little Leona - SOLD 2014
A2/A1 Mini Jersey
Born  Sep 2011 - 44" tall.
Registration: MJHB


A2 Mini Jersey Bull Calf  -  SOLD
Jewell's Lucky Dragon
Expected Height - under 42" tall.
Born:  Dec 1, 2013  
Lucy X Luck  MJHB


Miniature Jersey For Sale Picture
A2 Small Jersey Calf  -  RETAINED
Jewell's Hercules Rosebud
Born:  Summer 2013  
Blossom X Hercules   AJCA & MJHB


Miniature Jersey For Sale Jasmine
Mini Jersey   -  SOLD in 2013
Jewell's Princess Jasmine
Born 17 May 2010 - 42" tall at 3 Years
Milked 3 gallons/day - 1st Lactation


Miniature Jersey For Sale Treasure
Mini Jersey   - 
SOLD in 2012
Jewell's Chocolate Treasure
Born: 19 Apr 2010  -  42" tall at 3 Years
Milked 3 gallons/day - 1st Lactation

  Miniature Jersey For Sale Pearl
Mini Jersey   -  SOLD in 2012
Jewell's Royal Pearl
Born:  Summer 2012
Treasure X DC Royal

Miniature Jersey For Sale Ariel
Mini Jersey   -  SOLD in 2012
Jewell's Ariel
Born:  Summer 2012
Jasmine X Riverview Gene


Mini Jersey   -  SOLD as a calf in 2011
Jewell's Angel Cake
Born: 2011  -  43" tall at 2.5 Years
Milky X Son of Fat Louie


Miniature Jersey For Sale Skittles
Mini Jersey   -  SOLD as a calf in 2011
Jewell's  Lily (Skittles)
Born: 2011  -  41" tall at 2.5 Years
Buttercup X Riverview Gene


Miniature Jersey For Sale Buttercup
Mini Jersey   -  SOLD in 2012
Jewell's Buttercup
Born: 2009  -  42" tall at 3 Years
Milked 3 gallons/day - 1st Lactation


Deposit and Payment Information

We require a $500 non-refundable deposit after you have made the selection of the Jersey Mini Cow for sale that you would like to purchase (we do not reserve or accept deposits on unborn animals). The balance of the money is due at the time you pick-up the Mini Jersey calf in cash or in a cashier's check. If we are delivering the animal to you, we require that you send us 1/2 the purchase price three weeks prior to delivery to allow time for the check to clear the bank. We generally charge between $2000 and $3500 for our Mini Jerseys. We will disbud our calves before pick-up. We do not vaccinate animals younger than 6 months old. After 6 months of age, we will vaccinate prior to pick-up if you want them vaccinated. We follow regulations for interstate transportation of cattle including registration papers, tattoos, health papers and required testing. The buyer is responsible for the cost of tests required for transportation. When we are able to deliver, we charge $0.60 per mile - usually both ways.

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